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Company Profile

About Site Sniper Ltd

We are a West Yorkshire based CCTV company, providing high end CCTV and access control to retail and business sectors as well as the construction industry. Established in 2014 our extensive background as system integrators specialising in high definition video surveillance technology and access control allows us to meet any customer needs and design the optimal security system for any given setting. We recommend the best product integration which will offer value, quality, user-friendliness and reliability for your unique individual security and safety requirements. We also specialise in utilising high definition CCTV and access control to manage processes, supervise staff, compliment automated manufacturing processes and synchronising with automated manufacturing systems that result in increased productivity and larger profit margins. Our video surveillance systems go well beyond increasing security offering in addition health & safety, decreasing risk and minimising liabilities. They can literally be optimised for business process management to deliver a measurable return on investment.

Our Objective


  • Our objective is to provide cutting-edge technology and security systems using state of the art equipment to deliver our clients a product and service that exceeds their expectations.

  • We aim to provide the best possible security systems available on the market today.

  • We strive for total client satisfaction by continually ensuring we have a clear understanding of their security requirements.

  • We are always experimenting and investing in new security products and solutions to improve our ability to deliver a more effective and higher quality solution for our customers’ security needs.

  • We invest time, effort & money into finding the latest and most reliable security products, improving our ability to deliver those effective solutions and providing quality assurance to every product we install.

For more information on our products and services call us on 01484 521527


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