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Specialist Wireless Data Transmission

The possibilities are virtually endless with our bespoke wireless solution

The core of our business is based around the bespoke wireless capabilities  we offer which enables us to integrate equipment in remote places onto our systems. Utilising this technology in the right setting means the possibilities are virtually endless.

We can provide cameras and access control to buildings miles apart keeping it all on the same local area network. Not only does this solution perfectly compliment our equipment, but it also has the added bonus of passing the broadband signal from the central location to the remote areas. This in turn eliminates the need and cost of installing a BT connection into multiple buildings.

We can also provide 4G routers in remote locations where there are no means of installing a broadband line or to do so would be costly as the site may only be temporary. By installing our own internet we can transmit our cameras back via the data network, this is particularly useful for remote monitored CCTV systems on construction sites or projects in rural areas.

Get connected using our internal/external Wi-Fi Mesh

We provide premium Wi-Fi solutions with the highest levels of mobility, flexibility and choice. Designed for highly mobile organisations, our high-performance wireless access points offer flexible deployment, stable connectivity and a choice of advanced security settings.

Our access points deliver wireless connectivity to support data, voice, and video applications with superior predictability and reliability. They are designed for use in a broad variety of settings, including classrooms, lecture halls, hotels, stadiums, and hospitals. Choose from a broad range of 802.11ac and 802.11n access points and wireless controllers to suit your business needs.


For more information on our wireless products call us on 01484 521527


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