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Remote Monitored CCTV Systems

Keeping your premises secure out of hours

Whilst CCTV systems are an effective crime deterrent, there is still a requirement to minimise the effects of any potential threats when premises are unmanned. A remotely monitored CCTV system not only detects a would be intruder but the trained operators can act accordingly onthe information received, ensuring your premises are kept secure at all times.


How it works


  • An Intruder enters site.

  • Passive infrared detectors are activated by the movement of the intruder.

  • An alarm is sent to the control room, providing the operator with a real time video stream of what activated the alarm.

  • If a threat is detected an immediate live audio warning is issued, this will usually result in the intruder leaving site.

  • The operatives are then able to use the various cameras to track the intruder as they move around the site.

  • The police/guarding company are called to deal with the situation and resecure the site.

For more information on remote monitored CCTV call us on 01484 521527


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